Saturday, 31 December 2011

Pre New Years Shopping!

001. Hey guys, hope you are all well :) Me and my friends decided it would be nice to go to Lakeside today to see if we could find a dress to wear for new years eve tonight, so we took a trip to Lakeside shopping center and this is what I wore to go. Sorry its a very boring ootd but I wanted to be comfortable that day :)

Leather Jacket - Dorothy Perkins
Black and White Jumper - Topshop
Super Cosy Tights - Primark
Owl necklace - Unknown as given to me by friend
Suede effect chelsea boots - Topshop

002. I finally got my new camera and its beautiful! Still kind of working out how to use it but hopefully my outfit posts will be much better now. In case you are wondering it is a Canon Powershot of some kind!

003. I did manage to find a gorgeous dress for new years, its this one from miss selfridge. I will definitely put up an outfit of the night for new years soon but it will probably be pictures of me and my friends as I am getting ready round a friends house so won't be taking pictures of my outfit...

Anyway thanks for listening to me rant on, hope you have a great new year and a lovely start to 2012!

Love Luella xoxox

Sunday, 11 December 2011

This weekend

001. Sorry I haven't been posting in the last couple of days, been suffering with food poisoning for a few days and can safely say that I am put off chinese food and prawns for life! I didn't even realise that sick could come out of your nose until this weekend. Sorry about that lovely mental image there! Haha! So, I haven't really felt like doing anything apart from sleeping and running to the loo these past few days, so sorry about that!

002. Really trying to get this blog on the run now, my old blog had quite a few followers but then due to personal circumstances I neglected it and realised that I would rather just start over than go back to that one...

003. Anyway thought this might be a nice introduction to learn some more about me if I did the 13 personal questions here goes!

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
I don't really go to Starbucks much as we don't actually have one near where I live, but on the odd occasion that I do go I get a Mocha Frappe, which are my favourites. To be honest though I prefer the iced drinks in cafe nero, they are seriously good :)

2. What's one thing in your closet that you cannot live without?
I think at the moment it would be my studded Ambush boots, I wear them constantly!

3. What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you?
Erm, I have a real phobia of sick/ being sick, it makes me panic so much. Which you can imagine bodes really well for me this weekend....

4. Name one thing that you want to do before you die
I want to take a few months or years out of my life to go to a country in need and help over there, I am going to Morocco for two weeks next year to work in orphanages so hopefully that will inspire me to do more aid work.

5. What's one food that you cannot live without?
Weird as it sounds, it would have to be mustard, but definitely just the french stuff. I love it, and eat it on absolutely everything haha, even just on toast by itself!

6. What quote/phrase do you live your life by?
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding" from Proverbs would definitely have to be the one I mainly live by. Knowing to live my life in God's way and trust him more than my own judgement has definitely shaped my life. I would also have to say the old "treat others as you would wish to be treated" would be one too.

7. What do you like and dislike about the YT community?
Well I'm not on youtube, but I can understand how annoying it is when people leave pointless and hurtful comments for no reason. I have never left a negative comment on a video, and never will!

8. What's your number one most listened to song on iTunes?
At the moment Ed Sheeran "Lego House" is tops at the moment, love him :)

9. What kind of style would you define yourself as having?
I wouldn't really describe my style as anything to be honest...I wear what I like. But I take a lot of inspiration from people like Zoella and LLYMLRS, here on blogger :)

10. Favorite number
77 :)

11. Two hobbies
1) Horse Riding
2) Playing the guitar

12. Two pet peeves
1) When people pull out in front of you and nearly cause an accident, and then they thank you afterwards. That makes me so angry!!!
2) When people don't know the meaning of personal space in places like queues and at cash points. The yellow box is there for a reason people!

13. Guilty Pleasure
Strictly Come Dancing would have to be my guilty pleasure. I can't help to love the cheesiness ;)

Anyway when I am feeling better and looking a bit more attractive I will definitely put some outfit posts and reviews up :) And I tag you ALL to do this tag

Monday, 5 December 2011

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas!

001. So, I guess this is my new blog...gosh what do you write on your first post? I guess I will get straight into why I have put all these photo's up. This is my official first OOTD. Well actually it was an evening but you get me. So I guess I had better talk you through it ;)

Rings: Accesorize, Simply Silver, Azendi
Watch - River Island, last year.
Dress - H&M - £14.99
Belt - New Look £5
Earrings - Primark Stag Earrings, £2
Satchel - Primark - £10
Boots (not shown) - Topshop - Not sure if these are still available...
Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 1N1, Lasting Perfection Concealer, Collection 2000 in Light, Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, Loreal Superliner in Carbon Black, Topshop Mascara, and the lips are Benefit Lipstick in the colour No Competition.

002. So now that is out of the way, I have to say excuse those unsightly nails!! I am wearing Nails Inc nail polish in the colour Barnsbury Road, and is without a doubt, the WORST nail polish I have ever worn. This was within 2 days wear, not sure whether it is just the matte nail polishes that wear like this, so I am testing out another of their polishes that isn't matte and I will let you know.

003. This feels like a list of apologies, you will also have to ignore the awful camera quality. These were taken on my webcam as I am waiting to get a good camera for Christmas. I am however, completely bamboozled on what camera to get. If you have a good suggestion for a reasonable price (under £200 preferably) then let me know as there are so many out there! I want one that is good for filming as well as blogging :)

004. Haven't felt well at all today so have been curled up on the sofa writing this blog and editing my blog design a last little bit. Suffice to say I didn't take these pictures today...I did not look a pretty sight this morning.

Hope you are all having great weeks, don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more posts from me ;) I will check out your blogs too! Till next time!